About Us

Neil Hicks, creator of Coda Leathercraft, first developed an interest in working with leather when he began to notice how quickly his personal items continued to wear out. Frustrated by having to purchase the same items over and over, he became determined to create better quality versions that would stand the test of time.

Neil's first projects were created in a small apartment in Tyler, Texas, where he converted his dining area into a makeshift workshop. After moving to the DFW area, Neil expanded his workspace into a home studio and adopted the brand name Coda Leathercraft, inspired by his background as a music educator.

Coda Leathercraft uses - without exaggeration - the highest quality full-grain leathers in the world. Each item is individually handmade by a single, passionate craftsman using a blend of centuries-old leatherworking techniques and modern design. The end goal is always to create beautiful, functional, and heirloom-quality pieces that, if properly cared for, will last for decades.